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Welcome to Greenternet
Written by Pedro Huberman   
How often do you reply a mail using “Reply to all”, even when “all” is fifty people and most of them will just delete the mail or just don’t care about it? How many times did you attach a 15.9MB image on a mail? Mails aren’t just “a mail”. They have lots of thing behind them, and as we will see, all translates into CO2 emissions.
Did you know that one Google search emits the equivalent CO2 than driving a car three inches? That 850 Google searches emits the equivalent CO2 than...


Poll: Awareness

Were you aware that CO2 emissions and the Internet are related?

Poll: Reply to all

When you receive mails sent to you plus many others, you reply. . .

Poll: Home Office

How many days a week do you do Home Office thanks to the Internet?

Poll : PC on

How many hours a day is your computer on?

Poll: Mails

How many mails do you send every day?

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